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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  March 25, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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we've been monitoring the creek level. right now, it's just about 4 feet, but that's not where it was yesterday. a live report straight ahead. san mateo bridge and other bay area bridges under a high wind advisory and also some of the traffic in the bay area is subject to flooding. we'll tell you more. today will not be as bad because we have more showers today, but we could see not only some brief heavy rain, but maybe thunderstorms and hail. overnight, an arrest attempt turned into a mess. the trail of destruction the suspect left behind. march madness for mega millions madness. we'll tell you why so many people are coming to fill out these forms today. second hour of morning news starts now.
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well good morning to you. welcome to friday. it's march 25th. i'm dave clark. >> thank you for joining us this morning. steve, a lot of wind and rain overnight once again. >> well, quieter, but still off and on rain. and some will be brief and heavy. but today more showery in nature and not the system we had yesterday which was just rain and wind constantly for hours. however, it will give us the possibility of severe weather. there's a line forming, a couple lines forming. and in the north bay, a little bit of rain starting to fall. picking up slightly towards the east bay as well. there's a line that's been there for a while. now it's just south, but highway 4 back towards oakland and then in the richmond bridge, now stretching back over toward the bay bridge and golden gate, we have rain there. and then down to the south bay from boulder creek over highway 17 and also 101. right now, traffic on 280
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is getting busy as you pass highway 17. but it's not really that bad. and i think what happens on fridays is especially with the storms we have been having, we're hoping that people will just use their elective and stay home and work from home. but we never know. let's take a look at 680 southbound there. are some real problems out there, including flooding and lanes closed. we'll have a complete traffic update in a few minutes. let's go back to the desk. well, more rain pounded the county overnight. we are live where people are dealing with flooding and mud slides. >> reporter: good morning. we have been monitoring the creek levels this morning. right now, it's just above 4 feet which is where it was before yesterday's storm. the fire department monitors the creek level the creek peaked around noon yesterday at 1 0 feet. anything over 13 feet would
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have led to severe flooding. the overflow wasn't the only problem. land slides and flooding created issues for residents. we traveled from place to place checking on neighbors faced with the driving rain from the active storm. the second of this week. the sudden run-off poured into a liquor store along the fairfax boulevard. neighboring business owners had to close doors and put out the sandbags. >> work and you know, heard the louder sound of the rain and the coming down than normal. and came outside and saw mud. just hope my house will hold up and my neighbor's house will hold up. >> reporter: now they had to deal with a sewage issue. they had a sewage spill right here at this manhole. sewage leaked from this one and two others. the sanitary district estimates the size of the spill to be
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about one-fifth the volume of an average residential swimming pool, that's about 9,000- gallons of sewage. several inches of rain fell in one spot in less than an hour. and that's part of the problem that caused the spill yesterday. reporting live, charge knees 2 -- live, channel 2 news. by 11:00 this morning, the lake could reach the flood stage of 9 feet. homeowners are stock up on sandbags after several day of rain and run-off caused the rain to reach the decks of some of the homes along the shorelines. the last time the lake flooded was in 1988 and that's when lake county was declared part of a federal disaster area. homes and businesses evacuated after yesterday's storms overwhelmed the drainage pipe. take a look at these pictures. most of the debris was cleaned up by late last night. there's no estimate right now
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on the amount of damage caused. this morning, residents along the river in the santa cruz mountains are on alert as the heavy rains forced evacuations there. the banks of the river overflowed around 3:00 yesterday afternoon. when the water reached just below flood stage, that's about 17 feet, sirens went off telling residents to evacuate. however, by dinner time, the water was receding. people living along the river say they're prepared with sandbags just in case the water starts to rise again. and some of the home owners have raised their homes all thanks to fema loans. >> originally, these houses were actually down low. this house was one story or a story and a half. and then i guess they came in and said, since you live so close to the river, you have to jack them all up because of the water. >> now an evacuation area is set up at the safeway supermarket parking lot, but only a few people showed up. overnight, a woman is in
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custody after running from police in berkeley. it started at about 2:00 this morning when police were called to an apartment building at stewart and sacramento streets for a security check. now they tried to talk tie woman in a vehicle, but she drove off, nearly hitting several police officers, knocking down a support beam holding up a staircase. the woman then kept going and ended up in the backyard of a home several blocks away and then she ran from the car, but police were able to catch up with her. tonight more than $300 million is up for grabs in the mega millions lottery. craig joining us live where the frenzy is billing up leading up to the drawing. good morning. >> reporter: yeah, good morning. the mega millions is mega popular here at worlds fair doughnut. in fact, this guy is filling out numbers right now. it's going to be a busy day.
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it's the sixth high nest the nine-year history. here they are, the lucky numbers. >> reporter: this game is played in 41 states, washington, d.c. and the virgin islands. if no one wince tonight at 8:00 p.m., the jackpot will likely reach $390 million and that would be the largest in history. some people say they only play the big pots. >> i don't think it's worth it unless it's above whatever, so what's a million? >> reporter: but even if you don't win the big one, the last drawing of more than 1.9 million tickets won prizes ranging from a dollar to $1 million. critics say the game is a form of gambling which will only enable addicts and poor people who can least afford to spend more on gambling. and others say it has essentially created a tax on
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the poor. but how many tickets you buying? >> i'm going to buy seven tickets right now. and then five later. >> reporter: what are the odds of winning? >> well, you know, if you win you going to get rich right away. retire right away. >> reporter: odds of winning long, but hope is very high. reporting live, channel 2 news. well, if you're commuting to the bay area from stockton this morning, you may run into trouble. there will be no commuter express trains because of a mud slide. it's east of fremont. mud, water and debris are blocking the tracks. trains are expected though to be running again by monday. >> look forward to monday. we are watching everything in the commute, including highway 24. >> that's right. well starting dave and pam, highway 24 looks good driving up to the tunnel with no major problems getting up there.
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but it has been kind of bad driving. a lot of standing water everywhere. in fact, it keeps changing because as it rains, new puddles forming and some of the drains are not doing as well as, they're a little bit fatigued. just they're full quite frankly. let's go to the toll plaza where we had reports of flooding in some of the lanes there coming up to the toll plaza area. although we don't see it here in this picture and the traffic is light. and this morning, looking at san francisco and the traffic here looks okay getting up to the 80 split. showers today, and in fact, this is over berkeley. that in a second. but it will not be the front that we had yesterday. it was constant for two or three hour, wind and rain unbelievable. but today shower activity and some have popped up into the red category which means a possibility of hail. going over berkeley heading right, yeah, berkeley and also
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to richmond and come out a little bit here on this. and we'll see where it's heading. mainly toward interat a time 80. but then back over on the richmond side and over towards san francisco. looks like right near the bay bridge, hugging the bridge as well we have a line of rain stretching from the east bay which is picking up and filling in. nothing too heavy, but moderate to heavy for a brief period of time, 24 to 42, 680, highway 4 and down towards the south bay. there's been a line of shower activity starting to pick up on the peninsula as well. and then from the mountains over towards monte ray. there's moderate to heavy rain south san francisco, and then stretching back in towards north beach as well. our system will do that. it will give us rain off and on and shower activity. 2inches redwood city 1.75.
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dublin 1.5. concord, over 1.25. lexington reservoir up to the mountains, reports of 2.75 to over 3.5 inches of rain. san jose up. 40s on the temperatures just a cold day. one more system has to drop in. rain on saturday. but that's going to take most of it towards the north bay. unbelievable amounts of snow. winter storm warning until 11:00 a.m. showers, clouds, cool, possibility of thunder hours and hail. brief, heavy rain. only 50s on the temperatures. after sunday morning, things start to calm down. and monday and tuesday look much, more better. >> all right. thank you. well, a st. mary's college student is being held on bail this morning accused of exposing himself to children at a gym. the 22-year-old student reportedly exposed himself to two 5-year-olds at a 24-hour fitness gym.
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he was arrested on wednesday. our time is now 6:12. if you're look for a job in san francisco, you're about to get a break. a new break that starts today. and the reason some journalists covering that fighting in libya say a very public funeral service is very suspicious.
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nato is getting ready to take command of the operation
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in libya. but right now, coalition forces seem to be split about the goals of the mission. >> reporter: dave, nato takes control of enforcing the no-fly zone on sunday night. but there are still a lot of questions right now about how far the alliance is going to go and whether the ouster of miramar gaddafi is the ultimate goal. as u.s. and coalition strikes continue to take out miramar gaddafi's forces and military bases, rebels are still engaged in fierce fighting on the ground. details are being worked out through the weekend on the scope of the nato mission and how far the alliance will go to protect the rebels. at the pentagon, commanders say u.s. forces understand their job. >> when and where regime forces threaten the lives of their own citizens, they'll be attacked. when and where regime forces fly aircraft or attack coalition aircraft, they'll be attacked. >> reporter: so the bottom line
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is, there is a lot of confusion about the commitment of united states forces will intensify or diminish. so far, the united states has launched the bulk of the strikes against libyan targets, but secretary of state hillary clinton said last night that is going to change. reporting live from washington, d.c., ktvu channel 2 news. and libya's government invited foreign journalists to see what it said was a funeral of victims of coalition strikes. however, reporters say they couldn't find anyone at the funeral who knew any of the supposed victims. and intelligence indicates that miramar gaddafi's forces took the bodies out of the morgue. governor brown is cutting more public services to try to close the budget gap. yesterday he signed $11 billion of cuts into law. but he warns of more cuts if republicans don't agree to tax
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extensions. welfare grants will be reduced by 11%. and child care for 11 and 12- year-olds will be eliminated. it could be very expensive for customers who want to get away from the smart meter program. they told the state public utilities commission they want to charge customers between 135 and $270 just to unplug from the smart meter program. and customers will pay $20 or more to keep the signal turned off. they still have to approve the proposal. they may only end up paying a $3 million penalty for missing a deadline to hand over very important safety documents to state regulators. at first, they were facing fines up to $1 million a day. but under a new proposal, the fine would be $6 million with $3 million of it suspended if they turn in the missing
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documents. information about the most critical pipelines is due in august. starting today, san francisco requires 20% of all work on city-funded projects to be done by city residents. that's the new local hire law that san francisco supervisors approved. supporters say city money should be spent to put residents to work. that has neighboring communities concerned saying it discriminates against qualify workers who happen to live outside city limits. how are the drivers doing right now? >> well, they're doing okay. i think today has been slightly better than other starts this week. especially since it hasn't been raining as hard as yesterday. let's go take a look at the east shore freeway, interstate 80 the speeds are up. not that bad moving down toward the maze. also this morning's commute is looking good westbound bay bridge. that traffic is moving along
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okay. hasn't really become crowded. they do turn the metering lights on about this time every morning. we will see if that has an effect on the roads later on. and the morning commute is okay on southbound 101 as you drive from san mateo down to redwood city. and in the south bay, off to a decent start. northbound, looks like northbound 17 coming up just past 85. there could be word of a new accident. it's actually northbound 85 at 17, a new collision there. at 6:20, let's go to steve. >> thank you. i have been waiting to hear from our obviouser up at tahoe keys to see what's going on. he said, well, 18 inches at least, but with such blizzard conditions, it was almost impossible to measure, but drifts everywhere. the snowplows haven't made it. and a lot of the schools are closed up in the tahoe school district. tahoe city had about 7 inches of snow on the ground.
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if anybody is up there, email me or tweet me, anybody at lake level. or anywhere. showers in the forecast, just scattered showers, a line over to santa rosa and san francisco, stretching across oakland, berkeley over to concord and the east bay and down towards the peninsula starting to pick up a little bit over to the valley. down to 101. going to be a day of cool, breezy showery day. it will not be as bad as yesterday as the monster system, that went rolling through. the next one saturday. it will be weaker, take most of the rain towards the north bay, lesser aments the south. and-- amounts to the south. but a lot of showers today. possible thunder showers with reports of hail, not be surprised to get severe weather. there will be some sun breaks today, but not very warm. a lot of otherrest, a few upper 50s. after sunday morning, things calm down.
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next week is looking quiet. >> okay. well, jp morganchase will have job openings soon. the san francisco business times reports the bank will hire as many as 2,000 people during the next three years. now chase officials say a significant number of the jobs will be in san francisco because, quote, that's where the talent is. the u.s. postal service plans to cut 7500 jobs across the country. most of the lay-offs will be supervisors and managers. the cuts are leading to speculation that many post offices could soon close. the postal service has lost $8.5 billion last year and is trying to balance the budget. one of the nation's ten largest cities is right here in the bay area. the census bureau says san jose still doesn't have a million residents, but still ranks tenth in size. los angeles is number two. san diego number eight.
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san francisco ranks 14th. hundreds of people are streaming back here to the bay area after evacuating from japan. the difficult decision to leave and what many had to leave behind.
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good morning. traffic is moving along okay in the east bay. a slightly better commute than yesterday. but still, some problems and problems with flooding. we'll tell you more about that straight ahead. this morning, the shaking continues in japan. a 6.4 magnitude aftershock hit just within the last two hours. all the work to an overheated nuclear plant is now suspended today. that's after japanese nuclear safety officials say they think the nuclear reactor core may have been breached. now it raises the possibility of more severe radioactive contamination and it is a set back to efforts to try to bring the damaged plant back under
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control. well, hundreds of u.s. military family members are arriving every day here in the bay area from japan. mostly women and children. they say the decision to leave was very difficult. a lot of the women are leaving husbands behind. they say it was the new concerns about radiation that was the deciding factor. >> they have said that the water is not good for infants in tokyo and we are 40-miles away from tokyo. >> you never know what can happen. so it was the kids. and my husband wanted to be just at ease with us here back home. >> now the uso has centers set up at airports to help military families with whatever they might need. you can find more earthquake and tsunami coverage along with a link to donate for relief efforts on our home page. the barry bonds perjury trial focus in on symptoms of
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steroid use. a driver in berkeley leaves a big mess behind trying to flee police. coming up, how the chase happened.
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there it is, right on-time. the opening bell in new york this morning. that is a greek company visiting the new york stock exchange this morning. looks like a good day. very recently because new revised gdp numbers come in. that means the economy grew more quickly than estimated in the fourth quarter when that new number came in. look at the bottom, numbers heading up a little bit. not a huge rally, but we'll take it, right? >> and we'll smile. good morning to you. thank you for joining us here. you made it to friday, march
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25th. i am dave clark. >> good morning. i am pam cook. overnight news, a bizarre police chase to tell you about. it happened in berkeley and ends with the arrest of a woman. we are live at the apartment building where this all started early this morning. good morning. >> reporter: well, good morning. driver certainly did some damage as she was trying to flee police. you can see on the side of this building where the car scraped the side wall here, the car kept going and hit a support beam that was holding up this staircase. you can see the post. that was the support beam that was holding up the staircase and it's now tangled up in the bushes and. the car kept going, it drove down, you can see the tracks in the grass. now berkeley police aren't giving us a lot of information this morning so we don't know why this woman was fleeing police, but dispatchers say police arrived around 2:00 a.m. to do a security check. at some point shortly afterwards is when the woman took off in the car.
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she hit two police officer cars on her way out and you can see some of the damage from one of the vehicles in the video. the white car is an unmarked police car. no officers were hurt in any of this. none of the residents were injured either. and there's actually six units in the building. and police did eventually catch up with the driver and arrested her near california. that's several blocks away from here. in the meantime, city workers this morning did put up a temporary support beam. show you back out here live. the beam went up a short time ago. and again, no one was hurt and the driver was arrested. reporting live in berkeley, ktvu channel 2 news. well, san francisco police say luckily no one was hurt after a bullet hit a mini van carrying children. this happened about 1:00 a.m. monday at the housing projects in brookdale. a man says he was driving home
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with his wife and three kids ages 15, 14 and 6 when he saw someone trying to flag him down. now he didn't stop, but as he drove by, he heard a gunshot. and now police are looking for the gunman, but they only have a vague description of the suspect. and we're following developing news from indiana right now. one person was just shot at a middle school. it happened in martinsville, indiana about 30 miles southwest of indianapolis. police say the victim, possibly a student, was shot twice in the stomach. one student at the school has been arrested. but the middle school is on lockdown while police search for a possible second suspect. now make sure you stay with us on the morning news and on our website for the very latest on this still developing story. the first week of the barry bonds perjury trial is now over. court will resume on monday when prosecutors say call bonds
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former misstress kimberly bail to testify about changes she saw in bonds' body. yesterday the jury heard from a leading experiment for detecting performance enhancing drugs. bonds' attorney would not say about the testimony. >> i wish i could say more about the case again. from the begin, we have tried not to take place on what takes place inside the court. and it's even more important to have that in mind now. >> so far in the three days of testimony, three witnesses have taken the stand. remember, for updates on the bonds trial, go to our website and click on the bonds trial tab. if you want to sign up for the race, there's still a chance. race organizers are adding 5,000 more spots in addition to the original 50,000 is that have already been filled and this announcement comes one week after redwood city-based
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zazzle decided to sponsor the race. tickets go for $75 aer and $5 goes to charity. they'll reopen today as scheduled after a music engineer at the jazz club and restaurant is accused of going on a rampage, vandalizing the club. police say the employee went into the building yesterday morning with a baseball bat, destroying parts of the dressing rooms and office and performance areas. that rampage was reportedly triggered by a dispute during wednesday night's performance. damage is estimated at $10,000. oakland police are searching for a man that they say is stealing from the elderly. the suspect described as 70- year-old carl tallton. police say he approaches people at public places and convinces people to give money to a social cause, but he keeps the money. police say he has scammed 40,000 dollars. sheriff deputies are
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looking for two semi-automatic rifles and the am in addition stolen out of police trucks. investigators say the guns were stolen between 5:00 p.m. on monday and 9:00 a.m. tuesday. those police trucks were parked in a locked garage just south of fairfax. investigators say someone broke into the garage lock and then smashed the windows on the truck. well, it's going to cost more for nearly everything in several bay area cities starting one week from today. voters approved sales tax increases ranging from .25 to .50 of a percent. union city will pay 10.25%. concord will go up to 9.75%. while santa rosa will see an increase to 9.5%. our time is 6:36. a lot of snow. a lot of snow causing major road closiers right now. our snowman reporter brian
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joining us live in colfax. i don't know how you do it with all the snow out there. >> reporter: e, man, we didn't have to go -- oh, man, we didn't have to go far to find the snow. a little bit of snow continues to fall here. and interstate 80 is still closed this morning. they shut it down yesterday afternoon. and many drivers have spent all afternoon, all night and now this morning right here, camped in front of gas stations in colfax hoping that the road will re-open. unfortunately for them, caltrans and chp telling us it will likely not before before noon when the road will reopen. the primary concern avalanche danger and the sheer amount of snow that they need to remove from the roadway, that's why you have the extended closier. and for everyone camped out here, just another long wait. one guy was hoping to get to nevada, but instead, spent his birthday in colfax. >> this was it.
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in this area. my whole birthday. but hey, it was an experience. one birthday i won't forget. >> unfortunately, i planned to be in reno for four days and it's taking us so far, 12 hours for a 2.5 hour drive. >> reporter: and here's a look at king vail this morning. you can see all the snow on the side of the road. they have now received way over 700 inches of snow. that's more than 60 feet of snow for the season. last night, a lot of ski areas reporting somewhere around 3 feet of snow that they received since yesterday afternoon. that gives you an idea of all of the problems caltrans dealing with. and if anything changes, we will pass it along to you. if you have plans here over the weekend, we will let you know. but back live, that's the story. interstate 80 shut down with everyone exiting here in colfax. so keep it here and we will let you know as soon as we do if they reopen anything sooner
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than noon. >> can you tell us about the roads before that? i mean, it is friday, get away day. people think they're going to make it up the lakes or sugarbowl area, what are thosed others -- those roads like? >> reporter: same story. wet and slushy roads and we are at the snow/rain mix area. any point beyond here, all snow and so much that they can't even reopen the roads. you're not going past colfax, at least until noon today. >> and same for 50 to the south shore? >> reporter: 50 very snowy. it closed for a time overnight. i think that was for avalanche control, but the latest i had is that 50 is open. so if you want to go 50 and wind your way around, you could do. that but again, it's going to be snow, snow and a little bit more snow anywhere you go. >> taking your chances and get stuck on 50 as well. all right. live there at colfax, thank you for the update.
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boy, when he saysst tough, it's tough. we are watching the commute in the bay area. >> we're okay. we've had some accidents and stalled vehicles. just cropping up here and there. let's take a look at live pictures. lighter than usual coming into the bay bridge at this hour. usually by now, a bigger than delay than this. but we've had a lot of fender- benders. the latest being on 101 southbound in redwood city near marsh road and 880 at 66th avenue. those are the two latest collisions, eastbound 24. there is a crash there reported as well. and southbound 680 at stone valley road, report of a bumper in a lane. just a lot of degrees clogged drains. be careful. let's move along. northbound 101, not raining there now. the traffic is moving well.
6:41 am
we've had reported on 280 extension, especially, where the puddling is occurring. and this morning in it will south bay, northbound 85 at 17, a crash on the shoulder. most of the slow traffic is concentrated southbound on 85. 6:40. let's go to steve. >> thank you. just heard on a tweet and hail in the district, san francisco, looks like it's moved out. but still, that's going to be the forecast today. brief heavy rain embedded. possibility of thunder showers and also hail. it would not surprise me to get severe weather out to the valley. this system yesterday and now the cold unstable air behind that. and then one more the top left of the screen on saturday. that will be weaker, but still going to make it and give us rain. more rain towards the north bay. thankfully things have calmed down a little bit. and into lake county, they could use a break.
6:42 am
good line in the east bay. north bay, not too bad. over to the east bay though, just filling in. i mean, back over towards walnut creek and highway 4 and then wrapping all the way on 24 back over to oakland. and south bay deal being showers over 17. that is really starting to light up. and on the peninsula, it's hit and miss, moving some onshore, especially towards crystal springs and over 280 to 101. going to be one of those days. we will continue to have really impressive rain totals stacking up. reservoir, 2.5 to over 3.5 inches of rain. kentfield over 2. oakland 1.65. san francisco 1.55. our obviouser tom had 2-inches of rain. 40s on the temperatures. another cold day and unstable air and a little bit of sun will only juice the upsystem. one more system. by the time they arrival, they
6:43 am
wrap up. one more on saturday. it will not be as strong. the snow as you just saw, just unbelievable amounts. especially above 7,000 feet. sugarbowl at 36 inches of snow. squall had 45-plus on the upper mountain. and lake level, 2 to 3 feet. around 2,000-foot level, 1 to 3 feet more possible. showers, clouds, thunder, possibility of hail. 50s on the temperatures. any sun will help to get things going again. system saturday, heavier unamious the north bay. showers around sunday. and then good to go. >> thank you. well 285 pairs of shoes. a school principal is hoping her habit of collecting shoes will pay off for her students. and forget about your march madness picks, these pick cans net you hundreds of millions of dollars. that's all ahead.
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other. good morning to you. welcome back. some of the top stories. they're cleaning up a lot of mess in after floods and mud slides were caused yesterday. some of the manholes overflowed. that caused a 9,000-gallon
6:47 am
sanitary sewage spill. the commuter express train service canceled today. a mud slide is blocking the tracks. the trains should be back up and running on monday. and governor jerry brown signed into law more than $11 billion in cuts to try to close california's budget deficit. most cuts are to social services that help the elderly, the sick and the poor. people across the bay area state and country will be picking up their lucky numbers tonight in hopes of winning a huge mega millions jackpot. we are in hayword this morning with how much is up for grabs. >> reporter: yeah, good morning. even in the virgin islands, playing this game. i just found out that last week, see the data on there, somebody won $21,000 at this place. this was a scratcher. it wasn't a lotto or super lotto games. tickets went on sale about an hour and 15 minutes ago.
6:48 am
the jackpot is $312 million. we just found out that besides winning the money, we just found out why it's a popular place. >> the last 20 years, if somebody win here, you get a lifetime supply of doughnuts. >> reporter: doughnuts are good too. the business that sells the winning ticket cashes in. the owner of this shop says that's about $500,000. the jackpot has turned over 14 times since february 1st there. is the sixth largest jackpot in history. more people who play, the higher the odds go and because of the payout to businesses, worlds fair actually promotes the game. >> that's the reason they put it here, we want to win. yeah, you know, people know that we have everything here. >> reporter: tonight's drawing is at 8:00 p.m. if nobody wins the next jackpot is an estimated $390, that's tied for the highest ever. and just because we are members
6:49 am
of the media doesn't mean we can't win. an employee at a tv station in los angeles won $266 million. i was going to place a call down there to find out if that person is still working. i think i will do that now so i will have that answer for you i hope coming up on mornings on 2. reporting live, ktvu channel 2 news. well a family is out of their home this morning after a car crashed into their house and almost hit a little girl. it happened at about 6:30 last night police say the driver had a medical problem leading to the crash. the car narrowly missed a young girl sitting at a kitchen table. the driver had to be take on the the hospital. the home of the oakland counsel member was burglarized yesterday afternoon. he reported the break-in at 3:30 in the afternoon.
6:50 am
reportedly someone kicked in the front door of her house. she has declined to discuss the burglary. at this point, police say they have not made any arrest in the case. hollywood legend elizabeth taylor is in her final resting place now. she was laid to rest in a small private ceremony at forest lawn memorial park. the service was not interrupted. anti-gay protesters from a church in kansas never showed up. however, the ceremony did start late, 15 minutes late. it was one of liz taylor's final wishes, she was to be late for her own funeral. plans for a public memorial have not yet been announced. a northern california school principal is to her closet trying to solve her school's budget problems. michelle miller is selling 285 pairs of shoes, trying to prevent possible lay-offs and help close a budget gap. now she set up this website and
6:51 am
she is asking for a donation of $1,000 per pair of shoes. she is hoping to get enough donations to save the jobs of about two dozen employees. now mrs. miller is taking donations of people that just want to help out, but don't really want to have the shoes. >> that's great. >> and whoever lives with her probably wishes her well too. >> yeah, right. hopefully the roads aren't too bad this morning. >> you know, we are having good luck pam and dave, especially right now. it seems to have be a little better than it was just a few moments ago there. is 280 northbound up to highway 17. that traffic moving along nicely up to that area. also, this morning's commute is going to be okay driving on the san mateo bridge. chp has not lifted, and i'm just going to double check to make sure they didn't do nit the last few minutes. they had wind advisories for the san mateo bridge, and like
6:52 am
i said, they have been canceled. it's been canceled for the bay bridge and also canceled for the san mateo bridge. just canceled just a few minutes ago. let's move along and take a look at southbound 101, traffic moving well. this middle part of the commute so far is okay. i don't want to jinx it. >> okay. showers today. some will produce brief heavy and rain. but we will get sun breaks saturday. most of the energy towards the north bay and lesser amounts towards the south bay. a good cell near 580, highway 13, near the oakland zoo. that just collapsed though. but looks like around piedmont, that came in. heading towards the east. get rid of that, and right there, right there starting to move out. come out wider as i said, let me come out wider. and we will start to see this thing develop. i will just go to the east bay. right there.
6:53 am
that stretches from oakland just past oakland and back towards, you can see right on highway 24, and then 680, right on highway 4 all the way out to brentwood. that seems to be the main focus and south bay near the radar, but over 17 stretching and then back towards santa cruz. things are calmer toward the north bay. but we will have scattered showers and cool temperatures. 40s on the current temperatures. and i don't expect these to go far. cold, unstable air mass in place and the next system diving in, but farther to the north. so tomorrow will be a rain day, but more to the north and so much to the south. showers and hail. we've had reports of that. more rain saturday, not as strong a system as saturday. a few lingering showers saturday. and next week quieter and drier. this month, ford could
6:54 am
something it's only done once in the last 50 years. it's predicted to be number one in sales in the united states. it's predicted to sell more than 2,000 cars than general motors. check in on the numbers, stocks climbing as expected after that revised gdp number. the economy grew better than expected in the 4th quarter. dow jones live look at that time big board is up about 31.5 points to 12' 202. the nasdaq up as well. all right. time now 6:54. don't laugh but it's now officially more than just a throw away phrase. you see nit emails and now it's officially legitimate. and for the second week in a row, a shark attack off the shores of australia. this time the surfer was bit in the face.
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6:57 am
in australia, another shark attack, the second in a week. in both cases though, the victim survived. in the latest attack, a surfer was bitten on his face and arm by an eight-foot long bull shark. the other victim was attacked by a great white. well the language of email and texting now in the official english dictionary. lol or laughing out loud, omg or oh, my gosh and fyi for your
6:58 am
information has all been added to the online edition of the dictionary. that heart symbol like the ones found on signs that read i heart new york, that's going to be added too. this sunday, runners and joggers will lace up their shows for the oakland running festival. runners will then circle around the lake before ending the race. more than 7,000 people are expected to take part this year. >> that's a lot. we're rung towards mornings on 2. coming up, major clean- up. looking at a live picture after yesterday's powerful storm. plus, chaos caught on tape, take a look at that. the destruction left behind after storms overwhelmed the drainage pipe. stay with us.
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